Pontederia cordata


Pontederia cordata, or “Pickerelweed” is a wetland perennial from the Pontederiaceae family. Distribution for this species stretches all the way into parts of South America and into parts of Nova Scotia. In its native habitat, find it on shores, in marshes, and swamps typically in clusters.

As a wetland species, this plant is best grown on the shores of ponds, lakes, etc… Inflorescences emerge as spikes and persist consistently from mid-summer to fall. Flowers are a vibrant purple, with some plants known to have white flowers. Leaves are wide (up to 5”) and glossy with a pronounced midvein but is also present a wide degree of variability.

This species spreads rhizomatously and is known to thrive rapidly in the proper growing conditions. Pontederia cordata has also been used in certain constructed wetlands as a means to manage runoff from industrial sites.