HBS has 6 main trails and 2 small connecting trails. Please note the following about our trails:

  • Part of Lindenwood Lake travels along Lower Lake Road. Lower Lake Road is not a busy street but we advise visitors to use extra caution while walking along this portion of the trail.
  • You can access the Highlands Plateau Greenway from the Ilges Overlook Trail and the southern entrance of Woodland Way.
  • The Coker Old Growth Trail continues beyond the map below. This trail receives minimal maintenance and much of the trail is on a steep incline.
  • We are currently overhauling our trail signage so there is currently minimal signage on the trails. We recommend you plan your route in advance.

Trail Rules

  • Trails are open dawn to dusk 365 days a year. Staff are only available during normal business hours so hike at your own risk.
  • Do NOT feed wildlife you see along the trails.
  • Stay only on the marked trails to avoid disrupting wildlife.
  • For their own safety as well as that of the wild plants and animals, all pets MUST stay on their leash during your visit.