We can house 53 people in five residences on property. Most of our residences have a hostel-like atmosphere with bedrooms that sleep 3-4 people and common areas. The Station does not serve meals, but each residence has access to a fully-equipped kitchen. Grocery stores and restaurants are located within a mile of the Station.

Due to the small size of the Station, we are not able to accommodate requests for private rooms or residences.

To inquire about staying at HBS, you can email us at hbs@wcu.edu. Housing is only available for HBS researchers, students, or invited guests.

Howell Cottage

This is a one-story building divided into four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a common area. Completely renovated in 2018-2019, it can accommodate 17 people and has been completely updated including new bathrooms, heat, and air. Residents utilize the adjacent Cottages Dining Room for meals. Cost is $40/night/person.

Wright and Deacon Cottages

These are one-story buildings that can sleep up to 8 people each.  These were recently renovated to include new bathrooms, heating, and air. Residents utilize the adjacent Cottages Dining Room for meals. Cost is $40/night/person.

Valentine House

This is a historic (built in 1881) two-story wood-frame building with six bedrooms, three bathrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a dining room, breakfast nook, and a laundry/utility room.  Formerly a private residence, it can accommodate 13 people, with two to three single beds per room and shared bath. Price is $40/person/night.

The Duplexes

Built in 2003, these are two adjacent apartments sleeping up to four people each. Each has a kitchen, living room, bath, and two bedrooms. HBS faculty and senior researchers are given priority for these residences. Pricing is $50/person/night.


Additional Information

Beds:  The Station beds are all extra long twins. You will need to bring xl twin-sized linens (fitted sheet, sheet, blankets, pillow) as well as washcloths and towels. It is also recommended that you bring a mattress pad for extra comfort.

Kitchen:  Each residence has a specific kitchen assigned to it. Mark all of your food items with your name and the date of your departure as any unmarked items will be thrown out. Upon your departure please take all of your items (food and otherwise) with you, unless you make arrangements with someone else to assume responsibility.

Cleaning:  We do not have a full time housekeeper, so primary responsibility for cleaning falls upon residents. Our cleaning service will come in once a week to clean the common areas (bathrooms, living rooms, kitchen, etc.) but doesn’t clean bedrooms unless requested. There are cleaning supplies available if your residence needs cleaning beyond what our cleaning service offers. During busy times we ask that you are respectful of your housemates by keeping your bedroom tidy and pitching in to clean.

Laundry:  Cottage residents are welcome to use the free laundry facilities in the Weyman building but you must provide your own detergent. Please keep the laundry area clean and empty the lint collector in the dryer. Residents of Valentine and the Duplexes may use the washing machine and dryer in Valentine. Duplex residents should let the residents of Valentine know that they are using the machines.

Phone & Internet:  The Highlands Biological office phone number is 828.526.2602. We have campus-wide free Wi-Fi, though residents will need to provide their own computer. Please note that internet and cell reception can be weak or not available in the mountains surrounding Highlands.

Campus Use: We encourage all residents to take advantage of the Station and its facilities. The Botanical Garden is open seven days a week. The outdoor classrooms are are available to the public outside of the times they are reserved for classes. The fire pit is available on a first come, first serve basis and residents must provide their own wood for burning and clean up after themselves.