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Supporting the Highlands Biological Station and its pillars help us to continue our work and research into one of the most biologically diverse regions in the world.  Call (828) 526-2221 to make a contribution by phone.

Species of Native Plants

Years of HBS Operation

Acres to Explore

Youngest Camper

The Highlands Biological Foundation (HBF) supports the Highlands Biological Station through funding for educational programming, scholarships, research, and daily operations. In addition, HBF has separate funds to support the outreach missions of the Nature Center and Botanical Garden. Membership support guarantees that HBF can continue to provide support to these organizations.

Giving Levels


  • Terrapin Mountain $35
  • Bear Pen Mountain $50
  • Scaly Mountain $100
  • Sagee Mountain $250
  • Satulah Mountain $500
  • Whiteside Mountain $1,000

Kids – Salamembers

The Highlands Biological Foundation is dedicated to instilling in future generations the importance of learning about, and taking care of, the natural world around us. Our children and grandchildren will be the future stewards of this precious planet. Help foster a love of the natural world in a kid by giving the gift of a Salamembership. We promise each salamember will learn and have fun!

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We welcome anyone to stop by the offices off of the entrance at 265 N. 6th St. to fill out a membership form. We are happy to assist.

To pay for your membership or donation by check:

Please make your check payable to: Highlands Biological Foundation

Send to: Highlands Biological Foundation

P.O. Box 580

Highlands, NC 28741

To pay for your membership or donation by credit card:

To Donate: Click here to make a donation to the Highlands Biological Foundation 

Donate Stock

Stocks, bonds or any other securities can be transferred as gifts. Giving the gift of stock has benefits for the giver. If the stock has appreciated in value, the holder can avoid paying the capital gains tax by giving it as a gift. Call or e-mail us to discuss your options today.