The Station’s research legacy is manifested in the lengthy record of scientific papers, graduate theses and dissertations, and research internship reports stemming from work based at or otherwise facilitated by HBS.  The complete HBS database record of research products will eventually be available on this site; for now, research products since 2000 are presented here.

Record of Scientific Papers, Reports, and Books 2000-2017: Chronological | Alphabetical

HBS Honors Theses & Research Reports 2000-2016

Theses & Dissertations

Find the most recent student capstone research project, conducted through the Institute for the Environment Field Site, documented at  Highlands Field Site Capstone: An Assessment of Stream Health of the Whitewater River – [Final Report] along with past capstone project reports.


Those who value the service that Highlands Biological Station has provided to the scientific community through its research and education programs are encouraged to become a member of the Highlands Biological Foundation, Inc. to support its tradition of funding research grants and financial aid at HBS!