Near-Real Time Environmental Sensor Data

Highlands Biological Station has several environmental sensors that are monitoring climate, soil moisture, stream stage, and water quality in Lindenwood Lake. In 2020 we deployed a state-of-the-art Campbell Scientific climate station that includes a tipping-rain gauge bucket, a photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) sensor, a temperature/humidity sensor, an anemometer, and a weather vane. Data from this station are harvested hourly. The climate station also includes a standard rain gauge, which is checked daily during regular work hours. In 2021 we deployed three soil moisture stations that collect soil moisture, soil temperature, air temperature, and stream stage data every 10 minutes; data are harvested daily. Our YSI EXO3 sonde collects dissolved oxygen, conductivity, turbidity, and temperature readings every 15 minutes; data are harvested hourly.

Click the graph below to see real-time weather data.