Guided Tours

Join our horticulturist to explore the botanical gardens and other display areas throughout the Highlands Biological Station campus. Botanical tours for visiting groups are available by appointment by emailing our horticulturist.


Tour Options

Home Landscapes

Thinking about adding native plants to your home landscape? This tour will guide you through our homeowners demonstration garden and botanical garden to provide inspiration for your next planting project. Soil amending, site preparation, and other helpful maintenance topics are also discussed.

Carnivores of the Bog Garden

Learn the eating habits and trapping methods of southern Appalachian carnivorous plants. Children and adults alike will have the opportunity to view these insect eating plants up close and learn about their importance.

Wicked Plants

Explore which plants are toxic and what parts of the plant can harm you, then round out your knowledge with the history and folklore behind these plants.

Five Senses in the Garden

We all know that a garden can be pleasing to the eye, but what about our other senses?  Explore the garden using the full gamut of your sensory receptors. Learn how you can incorporate texture, scent and the sounds of rustling leaves into your garden and experience the natural world in a new, expansive way.