Asclepias incarnata

Swamp Milkweed


Dogbane Family

Asclepias incarnata is a relative of the more recognized “Butterfly Milkweed.” Distinguished by it’s bright clumps of pink blooms that emerge in summer, “Swamp Milkweed” is an equally attractive perennial for both humans and insects. As the common name would suggest, swamp milkweed are primarily found in swampy, moist bottomland areas throughout the Eastern and Midwestern United States. Given its native range, it’s tolerable of wet soils and areas with poor drainage. One notable feature of the flowers aside from their soft pink color is their subtle fragrance.


While not as commonly thought of, A. incarnate is still an excellent nectar source for Monarch butterfly larvae. Another insect commonly seen benefitting from this plant are the Tussock moth caterpillars.