The Highlands Biological Station Board of Directors consists of six voting and six non-voting or ex officio members, a structure that reflects the long inter-institutional history and multiple partnerships of HBS. Among the voting Board members three represent institutions from the University of North Carolina system and three represent non-UNC institutions. These Board members are elected to an initial 3-year term renewable up to a total of three consecutive terms, with the possibility of additional terms after one year of absence from the Board.

HBS ex officio Board members include the Executive Director of the Biological Station, leaders at UNC-General Administration and Western Carolina University (WCU) who provide joint oversight of HBS, and leaders of organizations with a special relationship to HBS operations and programming: the current President of the Highlands Biological Foundation, Inc; the Chair of the Executive Director’s home academic department, and the current Director of the UNC-CH Institute for the Environment. Although ex officio Board members are non-voting they provide the valuable advice and perspective of the major stakeholder institutions and organizations of HBS.


Dr. Patrick Abbot (Chairman of the Board)

Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, Vanderbilt University

Dr. Andrew N. Ash

Professor, Department of Biology, UNC Pembroke

Dr. Matina Kalcounis-Rueppell

Professor and Head, Department of Biology, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Dr. Paul Manos

Professor, Department of Biology, Duke University

Dr. Howard Neufeld

Professor, Department of Biology, Appalachian State University

Dr. Matthew W. Parrow

Associate Professor, Department of of Biological Sciences, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Ex officio:

Dr. Greg Gangi

Associate Director for Education; Institute for the Environment, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Dr. James T. Costa

Executive Director, Highlands Biological Station and Professor, Department of Biology, Western Carolina University

Ms. Julia Grumbles

President, Highlands Biological Foundation, Inc.

Dr. Brandon Schwab

Associate Provost, Western Carolina University

Dr. Sean O’Connell

Associate Professor and Department Head, Department of Biology, Western Carolina University

Updated November 20, 2017