Highlands Biological Foundation Board of Trustees

The Highlands Biological Foundation is controlled by a Board of Trustees with 22 members, elected to four-year terms. The annual meeting is usually held the last weekend in June. Between meetings, decisions are made by an Executive Committee that consists of the officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer) and three at-large members elected by the trustees. In addition, the Chairperson of the Board of Directors and the Executive Director of the Highlands Biological Station serve in an ex officio capacity.


Dick Allison – Treasurer

Linda Barlow

Tom Claiborne

Melissa Delany

Genevieve Dimmitt

Ruth Edwards

Alexa Foreman

Henry (Greg) Gregory – Vice President

Julia Grumbles – President

R.B. Haynes

Marianne Jenkins

Lydia Sargent Macauley

Amy Patterson

Karen Patterson

Helen Regnery

Paul W. Sanger

Elizabeth Sargent

Susan Sheehan

Jennie Stowers – Secretary

Robert Tucker

Sarah Morgan Wingfield

Glenda Zahner

Trustee Information