What’s in Bloom?


Highlands Botanical Garden features a wide variety of flowering native plant species that bloom during different times of the year.  We strive to maintain an updated list of what plants are currently in bloom from early spring (February) through the end of autumn (October).

Tours of the Highlands Botanical Garden

Scheduled tours are held each Monday during the summer at 10:30am until about 11:30am from May 26 until September 22.  Each week is devoted to one of the topics below.  Meet at the Nature Center located at 930 Horse Cove Road and be sure to bring your cameras!  Please note that the Nature Center itself is closed until May.  Private group tours are also available throughout the week by appointment and can be reserved by calling our horticulturists at (828) 526-0188.

What’s in a Name?  

Tour Dates: May 26; July 7; Aug. 18. Learn how certain plants got their names – from names based on morphological characteristics to the people that named them, this tour will cover it all.  It’s also kid friendly.

Wildflowers and Their Pollinators.  

Tour Dates: June 2; July 14; Aug. 25. Explore the Garden with an eye for native wildflowers and their pollinators. Family friendly and fun.

Historically Significant Plants.  

Tour Dates: June 9; July 21; Sept. 1. The Garden is filled with notable plants of the southern Appalachians. Which plants are important for their uses? Which are famous for their discoverers?  Find out on this tour, which is for an older audience.

Carnivorous Plants.  

Tour Dates: June 16; July 28; Sept. 8. Learn the eating habits and trapping methods of southern Appalachian carnivorous plants, where you can find them, and why they are important.  Very kid friendly.

Deadly Plants and Folklore.  

Tour Dates: June 23; Aug. 4; Sept. 15. Learn which plants are toxic and what parts of the plant can harm you, then round out your knowledge with the history and folklore behind these plants.  For all ages.

Using Native Plants at Home.  

Tour Dates: June 30; Aug. 11; Sept. 22. Native plants have many benefits in the home garden.  They are hardier to your surrounding environment, provide habitat for beneficial animals and insects, and bring a sense of history and place to your home.  This tour will focus on some of the specimens native to our area that can have special use in your own residential planting.

  • While you are not required to R.S.V.P. to these walks, we encourage you to let us know in advance if you are coming.
  • Interpretive guided tours for private groups are also available throughout the year and can be arranged by appointment.  They are free of charge, but donations are always appreciated.
  • Talks on various botanical topics are also available to local garden clubs and other adult organizations.
  • To schedule either a tour or a talk, contact our Horticultural Specialist at (828) 526-2602 or the Nature Center at (828) 526-2623.


Calendar of Plants Currently in Bloom in the Botanical Garden: