Weather Data

The Highlands Biological Station was the town’s official U. S. Weather Bureau Station for several decades beginning in 1961.  Since December of 1999, an automated climate station has recorded temperature, precipitation, relative humidity, solar radiation, and wind velocity. These data are maintained in the Station office and are available to researchers and the general public. In 2010, we installed a Davis Instruments Vantage Pro Weather Station.

Currently High Today Low Today
Temperature 62.8°F 67.7°F at 11:07am 59.1°F at 3:01am
Humidity 97% 98% at 5:36am 89% at 11:48am

Heat Index 64°F 70°F at 11:06am
Wind Chill 63°F 59°F at 1:20am
Dew Point 62°F 66°F at 10:54am 58°F at 2:54am

Barometer 29.911" 29.951" at 1:10am 29.86" at 4:34pm
Bar Trend Steady

Wind Speed 2 mph 7 mph at 4:04pm from the North

Today Month Year
Rainfall 0.52" 0.61" 31.17"


Current Conditions

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Summary tables (1961-present):

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