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The Station offers several courses each summer at the advanced undergraduate/graduate level dealing with the special biological features of the Southern Appalachians and with areas of study that are appropriate for investigation at a mountain field station.  Credit for all courses is available through either UNC-Chapel Hill or Western Carolina University.  Students may take courses for credit through these institutions and then transfer the credit to their own school.  It is the responsibility of students taking courses for academic credit to request credit transfer to their home institution from the credit-awarding school (WCU or UNC-Chapel Hill); this can be done by making a request through the Registrar’s office at the students’ home institution.

In addition to our regular summer courses, HBS often schedules one-week workshops that are tailored for non-traditional students.  These workshops provide opportunities for in-depth study of special topics of relevance to the southern Appalachians and are open to the general public.  Workshops, costs, and additional information can be found on this page below the course offerings. Special events and occasional one-day educator workshops are also offered for teacher recertification credit (science CEU), or for NC Environmental Education Criteria II credit, by the Nature Center.



Course descriptions

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2016 Schedule

Courses (2 weeks)

Biology & Conservation of Birds (May 9-21) with Dr. Richard Bierregaard, UNC-Charlotte

Climate Change Ecology (May 16-28) with Dr. Robert J. Warren, Buffalo State (Cancelled)

Biology of Southern Appalachian Fishes (May 23-June 4) with Dr. Mollie Cashner, Austin Peay State University

Biology of Southern Appalachian Salamanders (May 30-June 11) with Dr. Joseph Pechmann, Western Carolina University, and Dr. Kenneth Kozak, University of Minnesota

Southern Appalachian Mayflies, Stoneflies & Caddisflies (June 20-July 2 or September 12-24) with Dr. John Morse, Clemson University

Conservation Genetics of Salamanders (June 13-25) with Dr. Joseph Apodaca, Warren Wilson College

Biology and Conservation of Lichens (June 27-July 9) with Dr. James Lendemer, New York Botanical Garden; Jessica Allen, New York Botanical Garden and The City University of New York

Fleshy Fungi of the Highlands Plateau (July 4-16) with Dr. Andrew S. Methven, Eastern Illinois University

Spiders of the Southern Appalachians (July 11-23) with Dr. Kefyn Catley, Western Carolina University (Cancelled)

Mammals of the Southern Appalachians (July 18-30) with Dr. Edward B. Pivorun, Clemson University

Workshops (5 days)

Identification & Ecology of Spring Wildflowers (May 2-6) with Dr. Timothy Spira, Clemson University

Sedges (Carex) of the Blue Ridge (May 16-20) with Dr. Dwayne Estes, Botanical Research Institute of Texas (BRIT) and Austin Peay State University

Biology and Diversity of Harvestmen (Opiliones) (May 23-28) with Dr. Marshal Hedin, San Diego State University, Dr. Jeff Shultz, University of Maryland, Dr. Mercedes Burns, San Diego State University, Shahan Derkarabetian, San Diego State University (Cancelled)

Natural History Illustration I: Beginner/Intermediate (June 20-24) with Dr. Lore Ruttan, Lore Ruttan Illustration (not available for academic credit)

Natural History Illustration II: Advanced (June 27-July 1) with Dr. Lore Ruttan, Lore Ruttan Illustration (not available for academic credit)

Gardening with Native Plants in Highlands (July 11-15) with Dr. Larry Mellichamp, UNC-Charlotte (not available for academic credit)

Rock Outcrop and Cliff Face Communities of the Southern Appalachians (July 25-29) with Dr. Gary Walker, Appalachian State University; Laura Boggess, Mars Hill University

Literary Journeys Through the Western North Carolina Landscape (August 15-19) with Mr. Brent Martin, The Wilderness Society



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