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The Station offers several courses each summer at the advanced undergraduate/graduate level dealing with the special biological features of the southern Appalachians and with areas of study that are appropriate for investigation at a mountain field station. Credit for all accredited courses is available through either UNC-Chapel Hill or Western Carolina University.  Students may take courses for credit through these institutions and then transfer the credit to their own school.  It is the responsibility of students taking courses for academic credit to request credit transfer to their home institution from the credit-awarding school (WCU or UNC-Chapel Hill); this can be done by making a request through the Registrar’s office at the students’ home institution.

In addition to our regular summer courses, HBS often schedules one-week workshops that are tailored for non-traditional students.  These workshops provide opportunities for in-depth study of special topics of relevance to the southern Appalachians and are open to the general public.  Workshops, costs, and additional information can be found on this page below the course offerings. You can call the Station office, at 828.526.2602, to register for these workshops.

Special events and occasional one-day educator workshops are also offered for teacher recertification credit (science CEU), or for NC Environmental Education Criteria II credit, by the Nature Center.


Course descriptions

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2018 Schedule

Accredited Courses – for academic credit or those interested in diligent scientific inquiry:

A Sense of Place [science writing] (January 3-12) with Dr. Hannah Rogers, Columbia University

Biology and Conservation of Birds (April 30 – May 12) with Dr. Rob Bierregaard, Drexel University & Academy of Natural Sciences

Southern Appalachian Mayflies, Stoneflies, & Caddisflies (May 7-19) with Dr. John Morse, Clemson University

Conservation Genetics of Salamanders (May 14-May 26) with Dr. J.J. Apodaca, Tangled Bank Conservation

Southern Appalachian Mammals (May 21-June 2) with Dr. Ed Pivorun, Clemson University

Biology of Southern Appalachian Salamanders  (May 28-June 9) with Dr. Ken Kozak, University of Minnesota, & Dr. Joe Pechmann, Western Carolina University

Fish of Southern Appalachians (June 4-June 16) with Dr. Mollie Cashner, Austin Peay University

Ecology of Global Change (June 18 – June 30) with Dr. Robert Warren, Buffalo State University

Comparative Temperate-Tropical Biogeography [Highlands Biological Station-Highlands June 28-July 6 & Wildsumaco Biological Station-Ecuador July 6-July 16] with Dr. Jim Costa, HBS & WCU and Dr. Travis Knowles Francis Marion University  

Biology & Conservation of Lichens (July 2-July 14) with Dr. James Lendemer, New York Botanical Garden, and Dr. Jessica Allen Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research

Bryophytes (July 16-21) with Dr. Paul Davison, University of N. Alabama

Flesy Fungi of the Highlands Plateau (July 9-21) with Dr. Andy Methven, Savannah State University

Southern Appalachian Mayflies, Stoneflies, & Caddisflies (July 23- August 28) with Dr. John Morse, Clemson University

Mushrooms of the Carolinas [non-credit] (July 23-July 28) with Alan & Arleen Bassette, and Mike Hopping

Rock Outcrop and Cliff Face Communities (August 6-August 11) with Dr. Laura Boggess, Mars Hill University and Dr. Gary Walker, Appalachian State University

Introductory Ecology (August 8-August 19) with Dr. Tuan Cao, UNC-Charlotte

Southeastern Grasslands:Ecology and Conservation (August 13 – August 18) with Dr. Dwayne Estes, Austin Peay University

Grasses of the Southern Appalachians (August 20-August 25) with Dr. Paul McKenzie, US Fish & Wildlife Services

 Workshops (For all audiences; no academic credit)


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