Due to construction on the cottages, availability is currently limited.  Please contact the HBS for information at 828-526-2602.

The Station can house up to 46 people in five residences

Valentine house (six bedrooms, sleeps 14)  

    • $30 per night (per person)

Howell Cottage (currently undergoing renovations not available until April 29th). 

    • $30 per night (per person)

Wright and Deacon cottages (currently undergoing renovations not available until April 29th).

    • $30 per night (per person)

Duplex 1 and 2 (two bedrooms in each, each sleeps four)  

    • $40 per night (per person)

*Most rooms at HBS accommodate two or three people.  The occupants of two rooms share a common bath.  Bedding is not provided; please bring your own bedding, including sheets, pillow slips, towels and blankets.  It is advisable to bring two blankets as nights are cool and rain is frequent in the summer months.  Investigators should bring adequate rain gear and warm clothing.

Floor Plans

Click on the image below to see the floor plans for each of the dorms.

Floor Plans


Call 828-526-2602 or email kfcooke@wcu.edu

download the “Before You Leave” checklists

About Residences and Dining

Valentine House is a two-story wood-frame building of about 2,200 square feet divided into six bedrooms, three bathrooms, a living room, a fully equipped kitchen, two dining rooms, and a laundry/utility room.  Formerly a private residence, it can accommodate 14 people, mostly housed two to a room in single beds with a shared bath.

Howell Cottage is a one-story block building with 1,367 square feet divided into three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a living room. It can accommodate 12 people.

Wright and Deacon Cottages are one-story block buildings, each with two bedrooms and a bathroom.  They are unheated and used only in the warmer months (typically April to October).  Wright, Deacon, and Howell residences have recently been upgraded with dehumidification systems and new windows and furniture.

The Duplexes are our most modern facilities.  Each has a kitchen and living room and can sleep up to four people in two bedrooms.

Most rooms at HBS sleep two or more people.  Several of the residences have living rooms.  Bedding is not provided.  Station residents must bring their own bedding, including sheets, pillow cases, blankets, and towels.  Nights are cool, and rain is (normally) frequent in the summer months.  The Station attempts to keep rules and regulations to a minimum.  Although limited housekeeping services are provided to keep common areas (kitchens, bathrooms, laboratories, etc.) clean, occupants take primary responsibility for their own rooms and are expected to maintain reasonable standards of cleanliness in their living quarters.  In accordance with UNC policy, PETS CANNOT BE ACCOMMODATED.

All residences with the exception of Wright and Deacon Cottages are equipped with kitchens.  Residents of these cottages and larger groups staying in different residences but wishing to prepare group meals use the Sam T. Weyman building, which was once the main laboratory at HBS.  The Station does not serve meals, but refrigerators, stoves, kitchen appliances and utensils are provided.  Grocery stores and restaurants are located within a half-mile of the Station.


HBS has a hostel-like atmosphere.  It is a shared living facility, so please be considerate of your housemates and future guests.

Bed:  The Station does not provide linens.  You are advised to bring your own twin-sized linens (fitted sheet, sheet, duvet or blankets, pillow, and towel).  Pillows are available but you may want to bring your own.

Kitchen:  Help yourself to our fully equipped kitchen facilities.  If you are staying in Wright or Deacon cottage, the Weyman Dining Hall has a kitchen.  Please mark all of your food items with your name and the date of your departure.  Any unmarked items will be thrown out.  Take all of your items (food and otherwise) with you when you leave, unless you make arrangements with someone else to assume ownership/responsibility.

Cleaning:  HBS is old.  Most of our dormitories are less than dazzling, but that’s part of the experience of staying at a field station.  We keep the dorms clean but also have to keep costs low.  Our cleaning crew comes sparingly and irregularly and cannot do their job in a messy dorm.  Please keep floors and surfaces tidy at all times. Primary responsibility for cleaning falls upon residents.  If you leave the dorm in worse shape than when you arrived, you may be billed for additional costs of cleaning.

LAUNDRY:  Laundry facilities are in the Weyman building.  The laundry room has a separate exterior entrance.  Bring your own detergent.  Please keep the laundry area clean and empty the lint collector in the dryer.  Residents of Valentine and the Duplexes may use the washing machine and dryer in Valentine.  Duplex residents should let the residents of Valentine know that they are using the machines.

PHONE, FAX, INTERNET:  The office phone number is 828.526.2602.  The fax number is (828) 526-2797.  We have campus-wide free Wi-Fi.  Bring your laptop if you need computer access.

CAMPUS USE: Alcohol consumption is prohibited outside of the dorms.  Please clean up when you use the fire pit.  This is a public campus and a lot of children come through.  The Learning Pavilion is open to the public outside of reserved times for teaching.  Please be sure to clean up.  The Botanical Garden is open seven days a week and we encourage you to use it.   Please stay on the trails – there are rare plants!